Terms and Conditions of warranty:

Gel coat:

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to maintain your swimming pool correctly to avoid future gel coat issues. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Incorrect chemical levels and prolonged pool blanket use are responsible for a high percentage of gel coat issues. To avoid this, we recommend that you:

  • Contract a trained pool technician to maintain the correct chemical levels in your swimming pool. We require a pool chemistry break down from an accredited pool technician, prior to completing warranty work.
  • A minimum test interval of 4 weeks is required to comply with our terms and conditions. We need to establish that the pool chemistry has been correctly maintained so that an accurate assessment can be made if a problem arises.
  • Ensure that your pool blanket is removed at least once every 2-weeks (also in winter) for at least 1 day, to avoid chlorine build up in your pool (super chlorination). Super chlorination occurs when chlorine is confined beneath your pool blanket. Avoiding these steps can result in discoloured gel coat in your pool.

Gel coat surface issues:

  • Black spots are covered under warranty within 12 months of initial pool resurfacing. *
  • Osmosis bubbles are covered under warranty within 12 months of initial pool resurfacing. *

*Provided that correct pool chemistry is adhered to.

Pool movement:

Manufactured fibreglass pools are not designed to be emptied. An average pool holds approximately 40 tonnes of water. When this water is removed, the external pressure can cause movement in the pool walls and floor. Perth Fibreglass Pools will always empty a fibreglass pool with adequate bracing, however in some environments the pool walls can still move around the supports.

The following is not covered as part of our workmanship warranty and may require an additional charge:

  • Movement of pipework below the ground during/after emptying of pool.
  • Movement/sinking of pavers surrounding the pool edge beam during/after emptying of pool.
  • Bulging of pool walls/floor due to sand movement.
  • Structural changes 21 days after refilling of pool.