How to choose a pool colour

With so many pool colours available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.
Often, our clients want to see the most popular options but trends change and what is popular now might not be in a few years time.
When choosing your pool colour, consider how your entire backyard will look when you are finished.
Do you have an overall theme you are trying to achieve? Or a general feeling when you enter the space?
We like to encourage our clients to take a more holistic approach to the decision by considering their overall vision for the entire space, rather than just focussing on the pool itself.

Considering how the entire project will look when complete can give you clues about how to proceed with your pool colour choice.
For example; often contrasting decking and stone options around your pool will create the most impact.
So, if you’re considering a darker pool colour, try lighter pavers, stone or wood around it.
This is also true of a lighter coloured pool. Dark wooden decking, granite and sandstone can make excellent contrasting surrounds for a paler blue pool.

Take a look at the AQUAGUARD® FIBRETECH pool resurfacing colours range used on all our swimming pool renovations in Perth and WA below for some real world examples. If in doubt, you can always ask our friendly team to help match you with the colour that works best for your vision.


Sapphire blue is the most popular colour choice on our menu. Sapphire blue produced the best results in the manufacturers UV testing program and looks great with all types of pool surroundings.​ The colour is easy to apply and gives a great shimmer in the sunlight. We would certainly recommend Sapphire blue as a colour choice for residential swimming pools as it goes well with all types of paving and aggregates.


Lagoon blue is another popular colour choice for both residential and commercial swimming pools. The colour gives a nice dark turquoise effect when submerged in water. It also looks beautiful in the sunlight and gives excellent UV protection. We use this colour on commercial and hotel swimming pools as this is the darkest blue that is accepted by WA leisure standards.


This is a very soft and light blue that gives a nice easy light turquoise colour when filled with water and also gives a nice shimmer in the sunlight.

Great for commercial pools and really pops against darker stone, decking and aggregates.

Athol is becoming a popular choice for modern houses with light exterior colours to the house and outdoor area.


Aqua blue is a fresh minty colour that looks good on most pools. Another great UV handling colour that is also appealing to many home owners across Western Australia. We particularly like the fresh and vibrant feeling it gives in most outdoor settings. This is a very bright colour. Good with exposed aggregate and pools with a lot of sunlight exposure.


Fern green is the lighter of the x2 green colours in the Aquaguard range. Not everyone’s cup of tea, however we love this colour and it looks great in floral areas, as well as modern lap pools. Give this colour sunlight and it sparkles away, bringing a great colour to your outdoor setting.


Aqua Sand colour is not as popular as the blues and greens. It does have great UV capabilities, however does show dirt and debris easier than the darker blues.

Once filled with water and exposed to sunlight this colour looks great and gives off a green tinge.