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How long does it take to resurface my swimming pool? 2018-04-19T08:16:17+00:00
  • Fibreglass pools – usually takes 2-4 full days to complete the process and 2 days for the materials to cure properly before filling with water. 4-5 days
  • Concrete pools – Concrete pools take a lot more work. A day is spent preparing the surface before the resurfacing can start. So 3-4 days to complete the process and again 2 days to cure properly before filling with water. 5-6 days
Do you offer warranty? 2018-04-19T08:15:26+00:00

Yes warranties are issued as soon as the pool is complete.

Perth Fibreglass Pools offers 2 years workmanship warranties and one year manufacturer warranty on all materials.

Your pool should last many more years than this.

The AQUAGUARD pool resurfacing system has been in place for over 16 years providing high quality standards and great UV protection.

It is important to keep your pool clean and maintain PH levels all year round to ensure the long life of your pool.

Do you brace a fibreglass pool when you empty it? 2018-04-19T08:14:56+00:00

Yes we do. Part of our procedure is bracing every fibreglass pool regardless of how they look. This needs to be done due to many reasons.

  • When the pool is full, the water pushes against the walls of the pool to stop the pressure from the sand on the other side collapsing inwards. Without the water, there is not equal pressure.
  • The original manufacturer of the pool may not have built the pool to quality standards.
  • The Pool may have been installed incorrectly with inadequate pencil compaction or bad soil.
  • Contactors or tradesman over the years may have upset the soil around the pool.
  • Tree roots may have grown against the pool putting pressure on the walls or floor.

Even when the pool is braced in some circumstanses the walls still move and paving can begin to sink. If this happens then the pool must be dug up to remove the pressure. We at Perth Fibreglass Pools are experts at dealing with worst case scenarios like this.

Can you fibreglass over concrete? 2018-04-19T08:14:12+00:00

Yes you can. To do this you must know what chemicals you are using. Perth Fibreglass Pools uses only the best quality resins to acheive the best results. Fibretech Vinyl ester resins and the AQUAGAURD top coat system is the market leader.

An added benefit to resurfacing a concrete pool is that the fibreglass acts as a natural insulator allowing the pool to warm up a few more degrees than before.

Warmer pools = Happier summers!